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Get started with Rails 3.0 Beta

Few days ago The Rails Team has relased the most anticipated Rails version since 0.9x. There so many code changes and completely rewrite of the Rails API. Its lighter, faster, and cleaner.

Rails 3.0 beta and up will require Ruby 1.8.7 or higher, make sure you have it

gem update --system
gem install tzinfo builder memcache-client rack rack-test rack-mount erubis mail text-format thor bundler i18n
gem install rails --pre

rails -v
Rails 3.0.0.beta

rails rails3b-app
cd rails3b-app
rails server

if you got error like this in Windows

..ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/railties-3.0.0.beta/bin/rails:2:in `exec': Exec format error - C:\Users\irfani\Desktop\ruby\oke\script\rails (Errno::ENOEXEC)

modify this file \lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\railties-3.0.0.beta\bin\rails

#exec(Dir.getwd + '/script/rails', *ARGV)
#add this line
load Dir.getwd + '/script/rails'

I will explore it more, this weekend :D